We shifted in our new campus with a extremely well equipped infrastructure way back on 11th July 2006 .It is high and right time for me to take an introspect and retrospect in right perception. It is time for me to define, demark and delineate our weak areas, our shortcomings and our faults. It is also a right time for me to highlight our merits, our achivements and our strong areas. This evaluation is mandatory and helps in drawing and chalking road map to tread upon.

Today we are grooming our teachers and staff by giving them comprehensive computer training and courses in personality development. We are training them to improve their spoken English, interaction skills, oratory skills, personality development as well to improve their teaching skills in their respective subjects. At the same we are giving them course to improve their lifestyle by leading stress free life and to enjoy the bliss of life by engaging themselves in creative activities.

In the academic year which is just concluding, we commenced teaching with help of Cybernetics technology by keeping in tact the most tested and conservative chalk and talk method. We are determined to enhance it's ambit each year by adding classes and by embracing new technologies. We have commenced a distant training program in which Professors from California give training to our students for improving their spoken English, interacton skills and overall personality development. The program is known as Cognative Exchange. The shortfall of teachers is duly filled and in fact we have appointed assistant teachers. Thus teachers can concentrate more on imparting quality education.

We have to give more emphasis on improving spoken English, physical training and overall personality development.

I am confident that with all corrective being taken and having a crystal clear road map and after having set our goals, my entire team is working with extraordinary zeal, zest, enthusiasm, vigor and total earnestness. We are all committed to serve this institution with total commitment, dedication and devotion. We all determined and focused to impart quality education along with cocuricular activities and inculcate healthy habits amongst the students to make them exemplary citizens of tomorrow.​

Hello everyone

I take immense pleasure in launching the new website of Adv. Bapusaheb Bhonde High School fondly known as ABBHS. The new website promises to be user friendly and very fulfilling in all aspects .I am sure that viewers will enjoy and be connected to the institution.

At the inception of the ABBHS in 1996, we had a determined focus of having an independent campus infrastructure and facilities that would boost of excellent standards. It has been 18 yrs since our journey began, today in retrospection , we feel very happy and proud as the institution is gearing up to become one of the finest in the district in the field of education and values.

Success has always been ours , as it is envisioned by the team of strong well qualified and dedicated teachers and an efficient administrative backing. We are very lucky to have our chairman Adv. M.S. Bhonde who is ever ready to encourage every endeavor of ours. We have been blessed by the good will of him in the society.

Apart from being secure the campus is scenic. We have always been on the forefront and in pace with the latest technological development .Our campus is WiFi enabled for the last one year and the computer lab is one of the finest amongst the district. The library , our pride with reading room for the student's best use.

We have started to give good opportunities to our students through international level. That is cognitive exchange from California. Our every effort is to focus towards every individual placing as a good human being for global canvas . Our classrooms are digital and teachers are techno savvy.

Its our dream that keeps us motivated to make our campus a hub of educational and experimental institution .I am confident that with the support of my efficient and dedicated team and forever enthusiastic students, we shall continue to deliver as the best school in the field of education that shall lay foundations to new and innovative school.

Pragati Salvekar,
M.Sc., B.Ed., D.S.M.